Information for referrers

The best of both worlds for your patients

The Private Patients Unit has been developed to support the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust by reinvesting the operating profit back into the hospital.

By investing the PPU profits back into the Royal Free Hospital, patients from the local community will be able to continue to experience the internationally renowned clinical expertise and state of the art equipment within a clean and comfortable environment

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Our Commitment to you and your patients

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Enquiries will be handled personally – the individual will introduce themselves on each first contact

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Your enquiry will be seen and dealt with on the same working day

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You (if you wish) or your patient will be contacted on the same working day if this pledge cannot be met

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Your referral will be processed to agreed appointment within a maximum of two working days

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Discharge summaries for all admissions will be forwarded onto patient’s GP within two working days of discharge

The Private Patients Unit provides...

  • An outpatient unit (The Lyndhurst Rooms) situated on the 1st floor of the hospital.
  • Inpatient facilities consisting of 47 single en-suite rooms. We provide the same range of private services aligned to those already provided within the trust and in particular the management of highly complex patients who cannot easily be managed in other independent stand-alone facilities.
  • A separate day case oncology unit in addition to oncology and haematology inpatient beds.
  • A renal dialysis unit
  • We consider the environment superior to many competitor units; including our fine dining menus that cater for our diverse patient population, however we emphasise the provision of safe clinical care.

To realise our aspiration, we need your support by way of private referrals. We know there are many private options in North and Central London but few have the expertise and teamwork of our highly skilled healthcare professionals and a genuine world class institution.

Making a referral

Referrals can be made by contacting us using the following routes:

020 7317 7751 – the private patients referrals office direct dial number


Fax: 020 7830 2089