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    اطرح استفسارك عبر الإنترنت باستخدام هذا النموذج وسيتواصل معك أحد أعضاء فريقنا. إن استخدامك لهذا النموذج يعني موافقة ضمنية منك على تخزين بياناتك ومعالجتها بواسطة فريقنا.

    A chin lift is a correctional procedure to remove wrinkled and sagging skin from the chin area. You may opt for a chin lift procedure to minimise the excess skin.  It is a surgical method designed to take away the excess skin and tighten the muscles to ensure of a more rejuvenated appearance.

    At the Royal Free PPU our consultants are highly trained experts and will tailor each service to the patients needs ensuring all procedures are carried out to the highest standard.

    The procedure

    Similar to a neck lift, the procedure for a chin lift involves a small incision is made in front of and behind your ear. Your skin will then be loosened and pulled tight. This is where the excess skin will be removed. Depending on the patient the plastic surgeon may perform an incision under the chin so the underlying muscles can also be corrected.

    The Procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic and should take around 2 hours to complete, it is a minimally invasive procedure therefore scarring should be limited.


    Most patients typically recover from their surgery with 14 days of it occurring, patients are normally required to stay overnight in hospital and are advised to take between 1-2 weeks off work for recovery. During this time you should notice your swelling will reduce and your skin should have a more rejuvenated feel to it. Scarring if any should fade quickly also.