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Breast uplift

Your breasts may have lost their shape after losing weight, giving birth or simply as a natural result of ageing. A breast uplift can make sagging breasts more pert.

An uplift – also known as breast mastopexy – involves lifting and repositioning the nipple in the centre of the breasts. The operation raises and reshapes breasts, restoring their fullness to create a younger, rejuvenated appearance. The procedure can also reduce the size of the areola, the darker skin surrounding the nipple. Reshaping can be performed as part of a breast augmentation procedure, or without significantly changing the size of your breasts. If you have relatively small breasts and less sagging, the desired effect may be achieved with less surgery. In this case, circular incisions are made around the areola, and a doughnut-shaped area of skin is removed.

Simple, safe and quick

Uplifts are performed under general anaesthetic and normally take a couple of hours. During the operation, your surgeon removes the excess skin from around the breast, to make it more pert. Small incisions around the breast allow the nipple and areola to sit higher on the breast. Excess skin is then removed.

You will need to stay overnight in hospital and take a couple of weeks off work. You should also wear a supportive bra and take it easy for a few weeks. Stitches are removed a week or two after surgery. At the Royal Free, our surgeons are among the most experienced breast surgeons in the world, with hundreds, often thousands of successful procedures to their credit.

Long term

Uplifts can improve the appearance of breasts of any size, but if your breasts are particularly heavy, the results may not last as long. In some circumstances, for instance if your breasts sag and they are naturally small in size, a breast lift (mastopexy) alone may be ineffective. In this case, a breast lift can be combined with the insertion of breast implants. You will be able to discuss the size of the implant and the extent of the breast lift with your surgeon. Combining the two procedures is complex and it may be that further surgery is required to balance the appearance of the breasts.