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Breast enlargement

Having naturally small breasts, or breasts that have become smaller after having a child or losing weight, may dent your self-esteem. Breast enlargement can help you to regain more body confidence and have a positive influence on your life.

Breast enlargement – also known as breast augmentation surgery or augmentation mammoplasty – is a surgical procedure to enhance the size and shape of your breasts. More breast enlargements are performed in the UK than any other form of cosmetic surgery and the operation has a high satisfaction rate.

Simple, safe and quick

Most commonly performed under general anaesthetic, breast enlargement is one of the simplest and most tried and tested of cosmetic surgery procedures. At the Royal Free, our surgeons are among the most experienced breast surgeons in the world, with hundreds, often thousands of successful procedures to their credit. On the day of your operation, your surgeon will insert an agreed sized implant, designed to fit your body shape and silhouette, behind each breast, giving your breasts a fuller shape.

The procedure takes about an hour. You then stay in hospital overnight. Recovery is usually quick. You may need to take a week off work, during which we remove your stitches and dressing. You should wear a support bra for a few weeks for comfort and to help the breast implants settle. You will also receive a series of follow-up appointments with a nurse, and a six week check up with your surgeon.

Long term

Before you decide on a breast enlargement, think carefully about what you expect it to achieve, and discuss your expectations with your surgeon. Surgery can enhance your appearance and your self-confidence, but it won’t necessarily change your world overnight. Breast enlargement is also a long-term commitment, potentially needing further surgery at a later date, although modern breast implants can last for 20 years without needing to be replaced.