COVID-19 measures

Visiting the Private Patient Unit

Infection protection and control

The Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust has deemed the Private Patients Unit a ‘COVID risk managed’ site which means all patients admitted to the hospital have been risk managed and risk protected.

Due to COVID-19, the Private Patients Unit has implemented rigorous infection protection control measures and protocols in line with NHS England guidelines to ensure the facility is safe for our patients and staff.

We are taking every possible measure to ensure both patients and staff are safe in our hospital. The site is ‘COVID risk managed’ meaning we are rigorously adhering to infection protection control guidance to reduce transmission.

All staff in the hospital are required to wear a face mask and are screened daily to ensure we minimise the risk of infection. All patients and staff in the hospital are also required to practise social distancing.

What to expect?

Below is guidance on what to expect as either an outpatient or day patient. Your clinical team will provide you with additional protocols prior to your procedure.

Infection protection control protocols include: