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Diagnostic services and laboratory sciences

The Royal Free Haematology Laboratory is a CPA-accredited, multidisciplinary service which provides a comprehensive range of tests, aimed particularly at diagnosing and monitoring the patient with suspected or established haematological malignancy. All laboratories are led by consultants – experienced individuals with a specific interest in laboratory diagnostics.

Lead clinician – Dr Christopher McNamara

Flow Cytometry

State-of-the-art equipment and well-trained staff produce an integrated report with a 24-hour turnaround time. The unit is actively involved in national trials, including the MRC AML16 and AML17 studies, using flow cytometry to detect minimal residual disease.

Lead – Dr Christopher McNamara


The cytogenetics laboratory provides a diagnostic service for malignant haematological disorders and carries out research in leukaemia cytogenetics. Building on a track record of innovative research, the laboratory offers an extensive range of cytogenetic tests, from G-banded metaphase analysis through a wide range of FISH tests to the latest in high-resolution genomic array screening, all of them on site, for all haematological malignancies. Analysis of bone marrow chimerism in gender mismatched bone marrow transplants is also carried out.

Lead – Dr Elisabeth Nacheva

Molecular Haematology

Specialised molecular tests for diagnosis, prognostication and disease-monitoring are offered. Results are interfaced with other laboratory investigations, ensuring a high-quality, integrated report. Tests performed:

  • Diagnosis: BCR-ABL, PML-RAR, JAK2V617F, c-KITD816V, T- and B-cell clonality.
  • Prognosis: VH mutation analysis, FLT3 ITD, NPM1 mutation.
  • Disease monitoring: BCR-ALB, PML-RAR.

Results are usually available within two weeks.

Lead – Dr Stephen Hart

Laboratory of Cellular Therapeutics

An MHRA, JACIE, HTA-accredited Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laboratory for processing of cellular products to be administered to patients for both routine clinical use and clinical trials.

Lead – Dr Mark Lowdell